Five Best BBQ Gifts for Grilling Lovers

Five Best BBQ Gifts for Grilling Lovers

When it comes to finding the perfect gifts for the BBQ lovers in your life, the right tools and accessories can make all the difference in their grilling game. 


Whether you're seeking the best BBQ gifts for men or women who love to BBQ, or looking to enhance your own outdoor cooking adventure, we've curated a selection of top-notch BBQ gifts to fit the bill.


From reliable meat thermometers that guarantee perfectly cooked dishes to cutting-edge gadgets for tech-savvy grillers, we've got you covered. Read on to explore the essential tools and accessories that will elevate your BBQ experience.


1. Best BBQ gift idea overall
Thermapen Meat thermometer
Ideal for: Enhancing every BBQ cook
Price: From £39.99

If there's one gift any BBQ lover needs for their grill, it's a reliable meat thermometer. It's essential for everything, from searing steaks to testing briskets.

Designed and made in Britain, Thermapen thermometers are loved by chefs worldwide. They come in two models: the Classic and the ONE.

The Thermapen Classic is the essential meat thermometer. With accurate three-second readings and a sleek folding design, you can count on the Classic to ensure every dish is cooked to perfection.

The ONE is loaded with handy features that make every cooking challenge a breeze. Its lightning-fast one-second readings are perfect for checking big batches of wings or sausages. Plus, it means they can get that lid closed again sharpish, before losing any precious heat and smoke. Grillers also tend to love its waterproof casing and backlit display for smoking up a rainy day or dark evening.

Whichever option you go for, they'll love having a trusty meat thermometer on hand to enhance every cook.

2. Best BBQ gift for beginners
DOT digital oven thermometer
Ideal for: Smoked Sunday roasts
Price: From £37.80

When people first take up grilling, it can be hard to know when dishes are done. Many factors influence how long it takes for BBQ food to cook, which is why we always recommend cooking to temperature not time.

A leave-in thermometer is the best gift to help grillers know exactly when their food is ready without having to repeatedly check. As the saying amongst BBQ legends goes, "if you're looking, it ain't cooking". Keep that lid shut and the delicious smoke and flavours inside.

The DOT thermometer makes smoking as simple as it gets. Set the temperature using the up/down arrows, insert the probe, and attach the thermometer to the outside of the BBQ using the magnetic pads. Watch the temperature climb and listen out for the alarm when it reaches temperature.

There's no easier way to help them take their cooks to the next level.

3. Best BBQ gift for experts
Smoke wireless BBQ thermometer
Ideal for: Low and slow dishes
Price: From £108

The Smoke is the perfect gift for serious grillers. With two probes, one for meat and one for the pit, it's perfect for tracking low and slow cooks to ensure a juicy result.

Gadget lovers will really enjoy the wireless receiver for monitoring their cooks from a distance; the pre-paired connection will enable them to track uninterrupted from up to 90m away.

Perfect for cooking tender ribs, melt-in-the-mouth pulled pork and juicy brisket.

4. Best BBQ gift for gadget lovers
Signals 4 channel Wi-Fi & Bluetooth thermometer
Ideal for: Big BBQ feasts
Price: From £210

If your BBQ lover enjoys cooking up big feasts for guests and loves their tech, the Signals is the perfect gift.

It has four channels for monitoring up to three types of meat plus pit temperature simultaneously, great for keeping multiple dishes in check at once.

Temperatures can be monitored in our free app. The Signals will seamlessly switch between Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to maintain an interrupted connection whether prepping food in the kitchen or popping to a shop across town.

The Signals is also compatible with the Billows BBQ fan, a nifty device that keeps your pit temperature at your desired level throughout the entire cook.

There are endless opportunities for BBQers to expand their skills and creativity with the Signals thermometer. 

5. Best BBQ accessories gifts
Temperature guide tea towels, magnets and thermometer cases
Ideal for: Organised grillers
Price: From £3.84

There are BBQ gifts for stockings, too. We love our temperature guide Tea Towel and Magnet for keeping meat temperatures on hand whilst cooking. And if your recipient likes keeping their kit organised and protected, our thermometer cases and probe spools make the perfect small grilling gift.

Explore our full accessories range to find the perfect BBQ accessories gift.

The takeaway

Cooking to temperature is a must for any BBQ lover, so grillers will appreciate a thermometer that helps them cook with confidence and try new dishes.

You can't go wrong with an instant-read meat thermometer like the Thermapen, while the DOT is the perfect leave-in meat thermometer for beginners.

To help an expert griller advance their hobby, a smart thermometer like the Smoke or Signals thermometer will enable wireless monitoring for greater control.

And if your recipient is already a thermometer lover, check out our BBQ accessories gifts for something small to compliment their kit.

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