Best Meat Thermometers for Air Fryers

Best Meat Thermometers for Air Fryers

Using a meat thermometer on any dish will ensure your food is safely cooked. But it also helps you to avoid overcooking, so you get a nice juicy result. This is whether you're cooking in an oven, pan, BBQ or in an air fryer.


Because air frying is a newer way of cooking, you might feel even less confident cooking without a thermometer compared to your traditional methods. Food tends to cook much more quickly in an air fryer, and it crisps up a lot more. This can be deceiving if you're trying to work out if your meat is cooked properly inside.


Here, we'll talk through the best air fryer thermometers to use to make sure every dish is perfectly cooked — from whole chickens to chocolate brownies.



What is the best thermometer to use with an air fryer?

The good news is that you can use the same thermometers for your air fryer as any other type of cooking. We recommend two types: a leave-in meat thermometer and an instant-read probe. The leave-in thermometer will alert you when your food is cooked. The instant-read will help you spot-check it all over to be certain it’s done, as well as covering small meats and baked goods where a leave-in thermometer isn’t suitable.  


DOT Digital Meat Thermometer

The DOT is a leave-in thermometer which monitors the internal temperature of your food as it cooks. You can watch the temperature climb on the display, and it will sound an alarm when it reaches your desired temperature. We recommend pairing it with a mini needle probe to ensure accurate placement when using it in your air fryer.


To use, insert the probe into the thickest part of your meat. Set your desired temperature on the display using the up/down arrows and place it on the counter. Put your meat into the air fryer and close the drawer. Relax and wait for the alarm to sound when it's cooked. We recommend spot-checking your meat all over using a Thermapen after.


We've tested the DOT thermometer wire with several popular air fryer models to ensure it fits— including our personal favourite, the Instant Vortex Plus VersaZone. However, please note that it may not be compatible with every air fryer due to variations in design. Before purchasing, check your air fryer to make sure there is a gap in the seal that the cable can fit through. If you're not sure, contact us, and we'll be happy to help.


The DOT is also great for use in your oven or BBQ. When paired with an oven probe, you can use it to monitor your oven temperature for more precise baking.


Thermapen Digital Instant-Read Thermometer

A Thermapen probe thermometer is an essential tool for knowing when any dish is done. Designed for chefs and loved by home cooks worldwide, this British-made thermometer is renowned for its high performance.


The Thermapen ONE features accurate readings in one second, a sleek folding design, and an intuitive display for easy reading. Waterproof and built to last, it also comes with a five-year guarantee.


To use the Thermapen in your air fryer, simply open the drawer and insert the thermometer into the thickest part of your meat. Spot-check in a few places to make sure it's done all over. If not, return it to the air fryer for a little longer.


For meat dishes, the Thermapen is best used alongside the DOT for the juiciest result. It's also perfect for baking bread, making jam and other sweet treats, and even checking things like baked potatoes. It's the most versatile thermometer for cooking and air frying.



The Takeaway

A leave-in thermometer like the DOT will help you know exactly when your meat is safe and succulent. Pair it with a mini probe for the most accurate result, and make sure to check your air fryer has a gap in the seal for the wire to fit through.


The Thermapen ONE is ideal for spot-checking meat after you've used your DOT. But it's also an essential tool for baking and general cooking. And with its high performance and sleek design, you'll love using it on any meal you make.


With both of these easy and trusty tools on hand, you'll know when every dish is cooked to perfection — air-fried or otherwise.


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