A Guide to Cooking Oil Smoke Points

A Guide to Cooking Oil Smoke Points

Smoke point is the temperature at which an oil starts to smoke and break down. When oils reach this temperature, they can release harmful compounds and lose their nutritional value. Knowing the smoke point helps you choose the best oil for every cooking method.


See the smoke point of oils below, plus tips for what dishes they're best for. We've ordered them from oils with the lowest smoke points to the highest. You can also download our handy oil smoke point chart to help when you're choosing an oil for your home cooking.


Coconut Oil Smoke Point

  • Smoke Point : 177 °C (350 °F)

GOOD FOR: Baking, medium-heat sautéing, and tropical-flavoured dishes.

TIP: Adds a subtle coconut flavour to baked goods and curries.

Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Smoke Point

  • SMOKE POINT: 190 °C (375 °F)

GOOD FOR: Dressings, low-heat sautéing, and finishing dishes.

TIP: Perfect for adding a robust, fruity flavour to your salads and dips.


Rapeseed Oil Smoke Point

  • SMOKE POINT: 204 °C (400 °F)

GOOD FOR: Frying, roasting, and baking.

TIP: With a light, neutral taste, it's versatile for all kinds of cooking.

Olive Oil Smoke Point

  • SMOKE POINT: 210 °C (410 °F)

GOOD FOR: Medium-heat sautéing, roasting, and baking.

TIP: Versatile for everyday cooking with a mild, pleasant flavour.


Sesame Oil Smoke Point

  • SMOKE POINT: 210 °C (410 °F)

GOOD FOR: Stir-frying, sautéing, and as a finishing oil.

TIP: Enhances dishes with a rich, nutty flavour, perfect for Asian cuisine.

Sunflower Oil Smoke Point

  • SMOKE POINT: 227 °C (440 °F)

GOOD FOR: High-heat frying, baking, and sautéing.

TIP: Great for achieving crispy results in fried foods with a mild flavour.

Groundnut Oil Smoke Point

  • SMOKE POINT: 227 °C (440 °F)

GOOD FOR: Deep-frying, stir-frying, and roasting.

TIP: With a mild, nutty flavour, it's ideal for Asian cuisine and crispy fried foods.

Peanut Oil Smoke Point

  • SMOKE POINT: 232 °C (450 °F)

GOOD FOR: High-heat cooking, frying, and sautéing.

TIP: Its neutral flavour makes it perfect for stir-fries and deep-fried dishes.

Ghee Smoke Point

  • SMOKE POINT: 250 °C (482 °F)

GOOD FOR: High-heat cooking, frying, roasting, and sautéing.

TIP: Adds a rich, nutty flavour to dishes, perfect for traditional Indian cuisine and enhancing the taste of everyday recipes.


Avocado Oil Smoke Point

  • SMOKE POINT: 271 °C (520 °F)

GOOD FOR: High-heat cooking, grilling, roasting, and frying.

TIP: Rich in healthy fats, it adds a buttery flavour to dressings and marinades.

The Takeaway

With the lowest smoke points, coconut oil is best reserved for curries and extra virgin olive oil for salads. In the middle, common oils like sunflower, rapeseed, and sesame are ideal for pan frying. For high-temperature cooking like grilling and deep frying, stick to oils like peanut and avocado to avoid spoiled flavours.

Don't forget to download our oil smoke point chart to keep all of these temperatures on hand in the kitchen.


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