Best Cooking Christmas Gifts for Bakers, BBQ Lovers & More

Best Cooking Christmas Gifts for Bakers, BBQ Lovers & More

Call us biased, but we think thermometers make great presents. We're always gifting our friends and family Thermapens, and the response is invariably "I use it all the time!". Furthermore, believe it or not, food thermometers are pretty cool. There are actually lots of different types of thermometers made for different styles of cooking (and varying tech abilities). They even come in nice colours and patterns.


Here's why a thermometer makes the perfect kitchen Christmas gift:

• Enhances confidence and creativity

• Will come in frequent use

• Makes food much more delicious

• Fun kitchen gadget

• Unique gift they won't expect


See? Any cook or foodie will love it. We've divided up our recommendations based on cooking style, including meat, BBQ, and baker's Christmas gift ideas. Read on to find the perfect cooking Christmas gifts for your loved ones.



Best kitchen Christmas gift overall
Thermapen instant-read thermometer
Ideal for: Meat, baking, BBQs, confectionery
Price: From £39.99

If there's one thing no home cook should be without, it's a digital food thermometer. What makes the Thermapen such a great gift, though, is that it's sleek, high quality, and made to accompany every recipe for years to come.

It comes in two different models: the essential Classic or the ultimate ONE. The Classic is simple and sturdy; open the probe and it will read the temperature accurately within three seconds. The One is even faster with one-second readings. Plus, it has additional features like an automatic backlight and 360° rotating display for super easy reading no matter what.

Whichever model you go for, it's the one kitchen Christmas gift you can be sure will get lots of use all year round.Whichever model you go for, it's the one kitchen Christmas gift you can be sure will get lots of use all year round.

Best Christmas gift for BBQ lovers
Smoke and Signals smart thermometers
Ideal for: Low and slow grilling
Price: From £108

Smoked brisket, pulled pork and ribs are where remote temperature monitoring is really handy. We've got two great BBQ gift options for keeping an eye on meat and pit temperatures: the Smoke and the Signals.

The Smoke has one probe for your meat and one for your pit. Set your high/low alarms and the thermometer will sound when your food is cooked or if your temperatures fall out of range. The best bit is the pre-paired wireless receiver; it allows users to monitor their cooks from up to 90m away without any tricky setup or lost connections.

If your BBQ-loving recipient is looking to take their grilling to the next level, the Signals will have them covered. With three meat probes and one pit probe, the Signals is made for BBQ feasts. It has built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, and will seamlessly switch between the two, so users can monitor their cooks from almost anywhere using the free app.

Whichever one you choose, any grilling lover will be delighted with a BBQ gift that will make their cooks even more juicy and delicious.

Best Christmas gift for meat lovers
DOT digital oven thermometer
Ideal for: Roasts and BBQs
Price: From £37.80

It's impossible to give an exact time of when a roast chicken or joint of beef will be cooked. It depends on the size and starting temperature of the meat, the accuracy of the oven temperature, what else is cooking at the same time, and many more factors.

Select your temperature, insert the probe, and the DOT will sound when your meat is perfectly done. It's that easy. Most cooks will enjoy switching between a Thermapen and a DOT for different dishes, which is why we created a bundle that includes both for a special price.

We love the simplicity of the DOT, but if you're shopping for a gadget lover, then the BlueDOT is a great choice. It has Bluetooth connectivity and pairs with a free app for monitoring your cook remotely.

Either way, your recipient will love how easy and delicious it makes every meat dish.

Best Christmas gift for bakers
Thermapen Baker's Bundle
Ideal for: Bread, cakes, jam, confectionery
Price: £78

All the best bakers know the secret ingredient to consistently perfect bakes is temperature.

The Thermapen Baker's Bundle contains two thermometers for covering all the essential baking temperatures: a Thermapen One and an Oven Thermometer.

The Thermapen One's fast and accurate temperatures are ideal for everything from jam and chocolate to sourdough and sponge cakes. Plus it doubles up as a meat thermometer, as we're sure most bakers will be eating dinner, too.

Inaccurate or unstable oven temperatures are a baker's curse. Using an oven thermometer for their bakes will help them to produce perfectly risen loaves and cakes without any stress.

Let's hope they ask you to taste their creations.

Best Christmas gift for creative cooks
Thermapen x Laura Barnes bundles
Ideal for: Any type of cooking, but with style

For foodies who like their cookware fun and stylish, we've got just the thing. This autumn we've teamed up with illustrator Laura Barnes on a range of fun and vibrant Thermapens ONE's.

Laura's work combines her love of colour and pattern to create happy, uplifting illustrations and products designed to bring joy into the home.

We selected her strawberry and orange prints to inspire fresh and fruity cooking, perfect for home bakers who love making something sweet. Bundle up and get a matching tea towel for the ultimate stylish kitchen Christmas gift.

Roast Meat Thermometer Bundle
Ideal for: Roasts, BBQ's and Baking
Price: £96.50

The Thermapen Roast Meat Thermometer Bundle contains two cooking essentials: The DOT leave-in meat thermometer and Thermapen ONE meat probe. Both digital meat thermometers are essential tools for roasting season.

With these kitchen sidekicks, you'll be able to cook perfectly pink beef and juicy chicken week after week. Whether that's in your oven or on your BBQ. They also make great turkey thermometers for making a delicious Christmas dinner. The Thermapen ONE is handy for everything from pigs in blankets to Christmas pudding.

Best small cooking gifts
Thermometer accessories
Ideal for: Every kind of cooking
Price: From £3.84

Anyone who already loves their food thermometer will enjoy having a guide on hand to help them remember their temperatures. We've got all the essential temperatures for meat and baking on both a magnet and a tea towel; both are extremely handy when cooking.

For neat freaks or people who like to take their thermometers on trips away (we do know lots of people who do this), we sell a range of cases for keeping Thermapens and smart thermometers safe and organised. For wired thermometers, we recommend checking out our magnetic spools — a must-have for preventing tangles.

The takeaway

If there's one cooking Christmas gift you can't go wrong with, it's a Thermapen. The perfect gift for roasting, baking and grilling, it will become any foodie's new favourite kitchen sidekick.

Meat lovers will appreciate the DOT's simple alarm function, while bakers will love how using an oven thermometer will perfect their sweet treats. If you want to make a BBQ fan's Christmas, choose the Smoke or Signals to help them level up their low and slow cooking.

Whichever thermometer you go for, all will help them to enhance their cooking hobby and create delicious dishes. Hopefully, you'll be invited to try them!

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